Home Selling Tips For A First Timer

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If you have never sold a house before and you have made the decision to sell your current home, then you may be a bit confused on where to start and what things you can do to make the process be as easily as possible on you. Here is a bit of information to help you have a good understanding of some steps to take when selling your place.

Move everything possible into storage

An easy way to prepare for the selling and buying process is to put as many of your belongings into storage as possible, so you can properly stage the home for viewers. If you have nice furniture, then you can leave the main furniture in the home.

If you have worn furniture, or furniture that isn't a popular style, then you may want to borrow or rent furniture for the staging. Emptying the home as much as you can helps you to show the home in a way where viewers can really see the large closets and spacious kitchen and bathrooms.

Make sure you have quality pictures taken

Have you ever looked at pictures of houses for sale and wondered what they were thinking when they took those pictures? When pictures are taken of your home for the purpose of enticing buyers, those pictures are extremely important. Poor photos can scare people away before they even think about seeing the home in real life.

Pictures should make the home look as spacious as possible and help it to look warm and inviting at the same time. Also, pictures should really show off the home's best features. Pictures should show off the homes great lighting and portray each room in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. Make sure the house is clean and all boxes and moving supplies have been moved out of each shot, so people don't focus on the dirt and/or clutter instead of the home's features.

If you aren't able to take great looking pictures, it is worth hiring a professional photographer to take them for you. Also, if you are going to be doing upgrades, consider taking the pictures after all those upgrades have been completed.

Secure a real estate agent

Some people try to sell their home on their own to save a little money. However, this can be a bad call because the money an agent can get you will often more than make up for the amount of their fee. Also, having an agent usually means selling your home faster, which saves you on continuing to make mortgage payments, insurance payments, utility payments, and other payments you make to keep up with the home.

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