Why Dual Masters Are The Better 2-Bedrooms

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For people trying to find 2-bedroom apartments to rent, a number of issues can come up that complicate trying to find apartmentmates and trying to figure out how much each person will pay. There are privacy issues, too, despite there being separate bedrooms. A great solution is to look for dual master apartments, which are 2-bedroom apartments where the two bedrooms are equal and look almost like mirror images.

Private Bathrooms for Both

Many two bedrooms have only one bath to be shared, while others have two bathrooms, but one is clearly meant for anyone visiting the apartment as well as the roommate in the second bedroom. That can make it harder to find roommates. With a dual master, that's no longer a problem. You both have en-suite bathrooms that guests in the apartment can't just walk into, which can be a relief if you hate it when people you don't know use your bathroom.

Equal Size, Equal Rent Split

One major point of contention between roommates is how much rent each one will pay. This is often based on room size and perks; a larger room with an en-suite bathroom would have a higher proportion of the rent than a smaller room where the bathroom was across the hall. With both rooms having the same space, same closet, and same bathroom, the rent can be easily split in two between the rooms. Of course, where those rooms are placed may play a role, too. A room that's right by the laundry machines may command less rent than a room on the quiet side of the apartment. But at least one issue is solved in dual masters.

Same Perks for Both Rooms

While choosing which room you'll take and which your roommate will take can still require some discussion -- maybe you don't like early morning sunlight, but your roommate doesn't want that room either -- the perks of each room won't be an issue. Dual master 2-bedrooms generally are identical, with the same closets and same bathroom layouts. It's rare that one might have a larger closet than the other, for example. This makes choosing a room a lot easier as you don't have to worry that you'd be giving up a certain feature of one room if you needed to live in the other.

If you and your friend are looking for a 2-bedroom apartment rental, don't assume dual masters are out of reach. Check around and see what each complex has, or contact a real estate office that handles rentals. There's something out there for you.

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