4 Things To Look For When Buying A New Townhome

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Townhomes are a unique kind of property that, in terms of residential real estate, exists somewhere between traditional single-family homes on the one hand, and condos or apartment complexes on the other. In most places, a property is classified as a townhome if it is a single-family home with multiple floors and at least one wall that is shared with another home. There are several benefits to purchasing a townhome, and if you're looking to take advantage of these, it helps to know what to look for when shopping around. Keep reading below for four things you should take note of. 

Responsibilities of the Homeowners Association

A local homeowners association, or HOA, often exercises control over several aspects of townhomes, such as exterior design features and designated common spaces. But the degree of control can vary dramatically depending on the location. It is best to figure out exactly what the HOA is responsible for, and what is left up to you. You'll also want to ask questions about the annual HOA fees involved. These can add up quickly and make a big difference in the long run.

Insulation and Soundproofing

One of the main concerns of many people who plan to purchase a new townhome is how much sound travels between the shared walls. While you may not be able to perform a noise test while shopping for a townhome, you should make inquiries about the kind and amount of insulation used, as well as any other construction techniques used to further soundproof a room with shared walls. You may even be able to negotiate for the installation of acoustic wall tiles.

Additional Amenities

While townhomes in some of the country's most densely populated cities usually don't feature too many additional amenities, suburban townhomes often have an abundance of them. Compare and contrast the amenities included in a townhome's community when you're looking to buy. These can include things such as playgrounds, tennis courts, public barbecue areas, and even pools. 


The layout of townhomes can often lead to a wonderful sense of community, and this shouldn't go ignored when looking for a new townhome to purchase. While it may not be possible to attend a community event, it's worth dedicating a weekend afternoon to meeting potential neighbors. Ask general questions about things they love most in the community to get a better sense of what you and your family might enjoy.  

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