Real Estate Agents: Your Professional Friend For All Your Housing Stages

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Most people think of real estate agents when they think of buying or selling their family homes. While agents help clients to buy and sell plenty of single-family residential properties, here's something that real estate agents wished that you knew: they want to avail their services to you for all of the stages of your life.

When an agent considers their book of business, they take note of clients who they've assisted with housing transitions throughout the years. If you think of all of the times you'll make housing transitions during your adult life, then it makes sense for you to build a relationship with a real estate professional who knows you, understands your needs, and champions your aspirations. 

Housing for your young adult years

Are you just graduating from college or are you a young couple just starting out in life?  If you're like many others, then you're not quite ready for a major house purchase. A rental can take care of your housing needs during this phase of life. But here's something you and many others might not know: real estate agents are authorized to help clients to find rental homes.

Specifically, they can either recommend houses for rent, or they can recommend property-managed apartment complex units. In fact, many agents work part-time as apartment locators since locators are legally required to hold a real estate license. 

When you're ready for a single-family house

Inevitably, the time will arise when living inside an apartment unit or a rental home isn't suitable. If you're ready for housing with more square footage, or if you're ready to start a family, then your agent can assist you with purchasing your first single-family house. If you use the same Realtor who placed you inside of your rental, then they'll be familiar with your finances and credit rating. This information will allow them to steer you towards the best purchase for your budgetary needs. 

You no longer need a single-family house

Usually, the next phase in a homeowner's life is making the decision to scale back the square footage of their residential housing. This happens because: 

  • The homeowners have become empty-nesters
  • The homeowners are divorced or have become widowed
  • The homeowner no longer wants the responsibility of a single-family home

It's during this phase that the family Realtor can help the owner to place their current house on the open market for sale. The agent will work with the owners to set an appropriate sales price. In some cases, the agent will have the property professionally staged. Most importantly, the agent will work hard to get the house sold as soon as possible. 

No matter what phase of life you're currently experiencing, you'll require housing. However, the type of housing you'll require will change over the years. But one thing you can count on is an ongoing relationship with a trusted real estate professional. 

To learn more, contact a local real estate agent.

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