Apartment Search Tips For Your Next Cat Friendly Home

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The search for a new apartment home can be a big task and one that you want to put your energy into so you can find a suitable home for yourself. However, when you are looking for a cat-friendly apartment, your search parameters can change a bit. Here are some recommendations to help you in your search for a cat-friendly apartment.

Look at Pet Costs

As you shop around for an apartment that is pet friendly, you should consider the costs of keeping a cat in your next apartment. By searching for apartments that allow cats, you can begin to narrow your search to apartments that fit into your preferred location and rental rate. Generally, landlords and property management companies will charge a monthly pet rate in addition to the apartment's rent rate. This may be, for example, an extra ten dollars per cat. So if you have two cats, then you will need to budget for an extra twenty dollars onto your monthly rent.

For pet-friendly apartments, you will likely have to pay a pet deposit in addition to your apartment deposit, which will be put aside in the event that your cat causes any damage while you live there. You may also have to pay a pet fee at the time you apply and move into your new cat-friendly apartment. However, remember that the pet deposit is generally refundable as long as there is no pet damage in the apartment when you move out.

Provide Pet Documentation

When you are searching for the perfect apartment to rent with your cat, you should be prepared to provide specific documentation related to your cat. The property manager or landlord will usually want to find out information about your cat just as they want to find out about you.

An important part of your rental application will be providing information about your pet, such as photos, how much they weigh, their specific breed, any veterinary records such as immunization records, and their current rabies' vaccination certificate. To help you in the rental process, you can also ask your current or previous landlord for a letter of recommendation that states what type of pet owner and renter you have been. This can include details about the state of the apartment when you moved out or during an apartment inspection. Your old landlord can provide details about your pet deposit payment and if any repairs were needed when you moved out. 

Consider these recommendations when looking for a cat-friendly apartment.

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