Selecting A Building For Your Medical Practice

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If you are planning to open a private medical practice, you may be looking for the perfect property for your facility. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you make your selection. 


Since patients will be visiting your facility, the visibility of the property is important. Look for spaces that are easily seen from the road.

If the property is not highly visible from the road, be sure that there is sufficient space on the property for effective signage near the road. Keep in mind that if you had trouble locating the property for the viewing, your patients are likely to encounter the same directional issues.


Buildings in high-crime areas are often available at reduced prices. Thus, you may be able to afford a larger building in certain areas of town. However, any money that you may be able to save on the original purchase or lease agreement may be lost through a reduction in your patient count. 

People are more likely to schedule medical appointments at sites where they feel comfortable. Even if a property is an area of town that is deemed low in crime, be sure to look for safety features, such as good outdoor lighting for the parking area and even, well-kept sidewalks.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The building will also need wheelchair accessibility. Therefore, look for properties that already have the necessary ramps and door clearances for your patients who may be wheelchair-bound. If these amenities are not already in place, be sure that you budget for their addition. 

Handicap Parking Spaces

Many physicians' offices include parking spaces near the building that are designated for handicapped visitors or patients. Some buildings may already have appropriately designated spaces, especially if they are wheel-chair accessible. However, if a building does not have nearby parking spaces that could be used as handicapped parking, it may not be suitable for your needs.

Flooring that Can be Easily Sanitized

When choosing a medical building, keep in mind the sanitation needs of the space. If a building was previously used as an office building, it may be fully carpeted. However, the flooring in examination rooms needs to be regularly sanitized. Thus, unless you plan to replace the carpet of the building, look for flooring that can be easily mopped and will not be reactive to disinfecting chemicals. 

If you are looking for a building for your medical practice, schedule an appointment with a real estate professional in your local area, like Joseph & Camper Commercial.

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