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Identifying Real Estate Risks After having a difficult time financially for quite some time, I realized that part of my problem was my personal housing costs. I really began evaluating what I wanted out of a home, and I realized that I needed to shop for a place that would work better for what I needed. I started paying more and more attention to real estate risks, and it occurred to me that I hadn't invested in a smart property. After talking with my real estate agent, I started focusing on changing my ways, and it was incredible to see how much brighter my future became.



Some people are so content with their housing situation that it never occurs to them to double up on what they have. Some of the same good things that prompted you to buy your first home are there for the taking when you buy a second home. Read on to find out how a second home is a very good idea for many.

Make Your Vacation Home Pay

Not everyone is looking for an investment property but it never hurts to think of it that way. For example, some parents purchase a condo for their child to use while in college. That same condo might be rented out long after the child has left the area, though. Thinking about the home as an income producer makes for good planning because everything from the price you pay to the location can be influenced by your buying decisions. That goes for using a second home as a vacation home too.

Choose Locations Carefully

You might end up paying a bit more for the home, but the closer the home is to certain landmarks, the more income you'll realize when you rent it out or decide to sell it later on. At the same time, if you and your family will using the home as a vacation get-away, make it one you'll use instead of paying hotel bills and condo rental fees. When it comes to resort areas, the closer to the ski area or the waterfront the fewer empty spaces you'll see on the rental availability calendar. While remote mountain cabins suit some to a tee, if you want to get rental income from it you might want to consider the location of nearby supply stores for food and other things. One other important aspect to think about is travel distance. Not everyone is within a day's drive of a resort area but when you can get there quicker you might be more likely to use it more often.

Get a Local Agent on the Job

It's important to work with an agent who has intimate knowledge of the area of your new home. An agent can steer you away from neighborhoods that are in trouble and toward the more popular ones for families on vacation. They can also advise you on what type of home rents better in the area. For example, you might only need a two-bedroom one-bath home for you and your spouse, but three-bedroom two-bath homes are the goal of most vacationers. Also, knowledge about deed restrictions, property taxes, homeowners' insurance, and other considerations are part of the package real estate agents bring to the table.

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