4 Ways Real Estate Agents Advertise Your Home

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Real estate agents have broad and complex jobs. They have to know how various home systems work, from roofs to windows. They have to know the market in your area and what people are looking for in a home. One of the most important things they do, however, is advertise your home. Here are four ways that they do so in today's modern, high-tech economy.

1. Social Media

The best realtors have quite a social media following. With thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram, they can post an ad for your home and get tons of eyes on it in no time. A lot more people will see the ad than if you were to post it yourself — and those people will largely be potential home buyers or other real estate agents who are looking for homes for their clients. 

2. Home Selling Apps

There are a number of home selling apps out there that crawl the internet and look for new listings to index. However, your real estate agent can also put your home in these apps before the apps "find" your home themselves. This helps ensure the listing information offered in accurate, since the app may pull in some inaccurate info if left to its own devices. More and more homeowners these days download such apps to use on their house hunts, so getting your house listed -- and accurately -- is paramount.

3. Signage

Even with all the technology out there today, some home buyers — especially those in the older generations — still prefer to shop for homes by diving around the neighborhood and looking for signs. A good realtor will post an attractive, effective sign in front of your home. The sign may even have a pamphlet holder where passersby can grab additional information.

4. Direct Phone Calls

Your realtor knows a lot of other realtors. They all have clients looking for homes, and they all talk about those clients' needs when they meet up. So you can bet that your real estate agent will make some advertising phone calls to various other agents when they list their home.

Advertising is key to a successful home sale, and a good agent offers good advertising. If you are still interviewing various agents to see who will represent you best, be sure to ask the potential agents about their advertising tactics. Someone who uses all four of the tactics above is a great choice!

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