Life In A Brand-New Subdivision: What To Expect

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When you are in the process of buying a new home, you are bound to come across a new construction in a new subdivision. New home developers often build subdivisions from the ground up by tracking down desirable pieces of land, mapping out a neighborhood plan, and then building several new homes within that area and putting them up for sale. If you have only ever lived in an apartment or urban area, you may be curious about what subdivision life would be like. Take a look at some of the things you should expect if you do end up buying a newly constructed home in a newly established subdivision. 

Expect there to be a lot of similar homes in the neighborhood. 

New home subdivisions are often designed and built with the same building team, architects, and planners for every house. Therefore, one thing you will notice when you look at new homes within a subdivision is that a lot of the houses are going to have similar attributes. You may find variances between them so every house is not the same, but there will be a lot of common features. For example, all of the houses may have a two-car garage and two stories. 

Expect there to be a lot of new people moving into the subdivision. 

One major difference between moving into a subdivision that has been around for a while and moving into one that is brand-new is that no one will have much experience with the subdivision as a place to live. Pretty much everyone who moves into the area will be working to adjust and fit in just like you and your family are. This can be a good thing because there won't be any neighbors who seem to know it all or think they have more say into what goes on in the area. 

Expect the subdivision to be relatively close to town. 

It is pretty rare for new home builders who are developing a subdivision to create these neighborhoods very far away from urban locations. Subdivision life is meant to be simplified, so accessibility to things like schools, grocery stores, and even hospitals is highly considered before the land is selected for development. You probably won't have to drive far to get to all of the things you need, whether it is work, to get groceries, or getting the kids off to school every day. 

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