Looking For Real Ranches For Sale? Tips To Help Prospective Buyers Shorten The Search

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The terms "ranch property" or "ranches for sale" can be somewhat confusing for those who are actively looking to buy a property where they will keep large livestock, like cattle or horses. This happens because properties with any increment of potential to become ranches are often lumped into the same real estate search category with actual working ranches. Some of these are really just homes on larger lots or acreages and offer no real ranch infrastructure at all.

This situation can lead to confusion and irritation among buyers who are actually seeking a real ranch property to purchase. If you are one of these buyers, the following tips will help you narrow your search and succeed in purchasing the working ranch property of your dreams. 

Preview exterior or aerial photos before scheduling a viewing

Drone usage has become increasingly common as a marketing method for real estate. Fortunately, this technology can also be a wonderful pre-screening tool for prospective buyers of ranch property. Since actually viewing ranches for sale can mean considerable travel and require time off from work or school, using aerial drone footage to preview each listing in which you are interested will help you quickly weed out any that do not fit the basic criteria you are using in your search. 

After viewing available drone footage, or in cases where none can be obtained, buyers can also ask to see still aerial images taken for the purpose of assessing real estate taxes by the county in which the property is located. These aerial shots can help prospective buyers quickly determine important basic information, such as the ratio of woods to improved pasture and information about neighboring properties that might affect their interest in making a purchase offer. 

Ask for a list of infrastructure and improvements 

Another helpful tool to weed out less interesting ranch listings and hone in on the best ones for your needs is to always ask to see a list of the infrastructure and improvements. Fences, corral systems, stock watering systems, barns, sheds, fuel tanks, equipment, and livestock are just some of the added value improvements that are often part of a working ranch property sale. 

Work with the right real estate professional 

In addition to the other tips outlined above, prospective buyers who are actively searching for a real ranch property should always seek out a real estate professional who offers extensive experience in listing and selling this type of property. While any good real estate agent can be helpful, those who specialize in ranch listings will be familiar with ranchers in their community and can offer valuable insights that can help prospective buyers succeed in acquiring a property that will best fit their needs.

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