Buying Your First Home? Make Sure To Line Up These Three Professionals

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If you are buying a home for the first time, it is definitely not something that you want to do alone. There are so many steps in the process that you will be completely unfamiliar with, and you need to rely on the help of professionals to get through it quickly and without making any mistakes along the way. Here are three professionals you'll want to work with when buying your first home.

Real Estate Agent

You will always want to work with a real estate agent, especially as a buyer. Many people think that a real estate agent is only necessary when searching for a home, and may decide to not use one if they managed to find a house on their own. However, there are no disadvantages to using a real estate agent to purchase a home. It will not cost more money on your end since the commission is paid for by the seller and split between the buying and selling agents.

A real estate agent will help you with negotiating with the seller, making sure that you hit deadlines, and even recommend other professionals for you to use when purchasing the home.

Real Estate Lawyer

There is going to be a lot of paperwork that needs to be generated and signed during the home buying process. These documents will use a lot of legal terminology that you are probably unfamiliar with. This is where a lawyer helps make the situation much easier for you. All legal documents will be read by your lawyer, and they'll translate what they mean and let you know of potential problems. Even when negotiating with a seller, the lawyer will work with your real estate agent to draft a formal letter to make your requests. It's the best way to avoid making a legal mistake that could be discovered down the road.

Home Inspector

One professional you need to hire is a home inspector. Do not think that you will able to judge if a home is in good shape from a simple walk-through. A home inspector can take a look at the home and give you an in-depth report about all of the things that are wrong with it. You may even learn that there are major problems with the home and be advised to walk away from the sale. Never turn down the opportunity to have a home inspection, and if the seller is requesting that you do so, walk away from the home.

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