Buying A Home For A Growing Family

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When you buy a home, you generally do so with the intention of remaining there for a while. As such, if you plan on having a couple of kids in the next few years, the home you buy now should accommodate them. Buying a home for your future needs, however, can get a little complicated since you need to imagine how you'll live a few years from now. Here are four qualities to look for in a home when you think your family will grow.

1. Extra Bedrooms

This one should be obvious. But what may not be obvious is the exact number of bedrooms you need. Most people are best off buying a home with one more bedroom than they think they really need. So if you plan on having two kids, you'll want a four-bedroom home. This leaves one room for you, one for each child, and a spare room you can use as a guest room, toy room, office, etc. The way you use that last room might change as your family changes, but having the space will be paramount.

2. Durable Flooring

Carpet may sound soft and comfortable right now, but it can become a nightmare when you have kids. Imagine them spilling their ketchup on the carpet. And imagine trying to vacuum up glitter after craft time! Durable, hard floors will be a better choice for you in the long run. Hardwood may be a little picky and hard to maintain, but linoleum, vinyl, and all types of tile are perfect.

3. An Open Kitchen

Right now, you probably cook alone, so you may not feel like a small kitchen impedes you. Once you have kids, however, you will be trying to get dinner ready while watching over little ones. The more space you have, the better. A kitchen island will come in handy since the kids can sit there and do homework while you cook. Even if there's just space for a table, you can set something up to accommodate the kids.

4. A Properly Positioned Entrance

Pay close attention to how everyone must enter the home. A grand entryway into the dining room might look lovely now, but it won't be functional when you have kids. A home with a foyer or mud room is best suited to kids since it provides a place for everyone to drop their coats and boots without making a mess in the main home. 

For help finding single-family homes that will meet your family's growing needs, contact a real estate agent in your area.

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