Close To Having A Turnkey Home? Take On A Few Projects Before Selling

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If you have been thinking about selling your home, you may have also been trying to determine whether you want to sell it in its current condition or as a turnkey property. Keeping it as-is will prevent you from having to do work to the property aside from staging it for the selling process.

However, not being able to market the house as turnkey may keep you from attracting certain buyers and getting a higher selling price on the property. To make the home turnkey, you should consider taking on several projects before you hire a real estate agent to sell the property.


Although it may not come with a visual change to the property, you should not pass up maintenance on some of the most important components. For instance, getting a thorough inspection of the landscape, plumbing system, electrical system, as well as the heating and cooling system will give you peace of mind that everything in the house is working properly.


Along with maintenance related tasks, you should expect to do a decent amount of cleaning if you want your house to look turnkey to buyers who are demanding this quality. This means that you will need to do more than just a regular house cleaning to make the property look impressive.

Hiring a pressure washing company, window cleaning company, and carpet cleaning company will help you eliminate any blemishes that your home may have. If you are not sure who to hire, you can get recommendations from the real estate professional that you intend on using.


In an ideal situation, you will only have to worry about maintenance and cleaning before you list the home for sale. However, you should also be ready to invest in repairs because this will be a necessary step in transitioning your home from its current state to a turnkey property.

The one situation in which you may want to refrain from opting for a turnkey home is when you come across a major repair that would cut into your savings considerably.


After going through maintenance, cleaning, and repairs, the only thing you need to handle is take on the facelift projects that will make your home look more appealing in listings. Painting the interior and exterior can bring vibrancy to your property where it may look dull currently.

Going through these steps is a smart move when you want to hire a real estate professional with confidence knowing that they will have a great time with selling your home.

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