4 Benefits To Having A Card Key System For Your Commercial Building

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If you own a business, you owe it to yourself and your employees to switch to card key system. Ordinary key locks provide a limited level of security, but they come with some increased risks and inconveniences. Card key systems are the way to go when you want the most effective means of securing your building. Here are just four of the reasons why a card key system is the way to go.

1. No Need for Costly Rekeying 

When you use ordinary locks on your commercial building, you need to go to the expense of rekeying or replacing your locks each time you have a security breach. Unfortunately, security breaches don't necessarily involve someone entering your building illegally. A security breach can occur when an ex-employee becomes disgruntled, or when crucial keys are lost. With a card key system, locks don't need to be replaced. All that is required to renew site security is to reprogram the magnetic key cards.

2. Provides Enhanced Employee Protection

If you're concerned about the safety and security of your employees, you need the protection that card key systems can provide. Ordinary key locks can be broken into quite quickly, especially by someone with the right equipment, such as a bump key. However, card key systems can't be broken into that way, which means your employees will be safe and secure once the doors are locked.

3. Ability to Monitor Entry Points

If you need to monitor entry points, you need a card key system. With ordinary door locks, there's no way to accurately monitor who comes and goes through the access points. However, because of the technological advances, card key systems provide you with an accurate accounting of each person who activates the entry points via their card keys. The entry data will include the time, date, and location of each entry, as well as the specific card key that's utilized. That's because each card key is assigned to a specific person.

4. Limit Access to Specific Areas

If you have specific departments in your building that need to be secured, your card key system allows you to limit access to specific areas. This is particularly important when you need to make sure that only authorized personnel have access. Your card key system can be designed to provide limited access to certain areas. That means your personnel will only have access to areas of the building where they have the authorization to be.

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