Tips For Renting Your First College Apartment

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If you don't want to deal with dorm living and over-priced meal plans when you start college this year, then renting an apartment is a great alternative option. However, since you have never rented your own apartment before, it is easy to fall into a bad situation that you are stuck living with until your lease finally expires in a year.

To avoid the common pitfalls first-time renters in college towns often find themselves in, follow each of these important tips:

Tip: Start Your Search As Soon As You Get The Acceptance Letter

As you can imagine, college towns are flooded with new students searching for last-minute housing at the start of each spring and fall semester. The last thing you want is to find yourself among their ranks. By the time your first class starts, you want to be safe and secure in your new home.

Since housing fills up fast and often has multi-year waiting lists, the time to start searching for your first college apartment is the day after the acceptance letter arrives. The more time you give yourself for the process, then the better options you will have.

Tip: Choose An Apartment In The Best Location You Can Afford

Since parking and driving in college towns is always a frustrating situation, select an apartment that is as close to your classes and work location as you can afford. Even if you need to live in a smaller space or take your laundry to the local laundromat, being in walking distance to work and classes will make your life a whole lot easier and cheaper.

Tip: Be Wary Of Renting A Room In An Apartment With Other Students You Haven't Met

Many large apartment complexes near colleges rent out their units by the room. While this is nice if you don't know anyone you can share with, it can also be a nightmare if you end up hating the people the other rooms are rented to! 

Since you have to live in close contact with your roommates, make sure you at least meet them before you sign a lease.  

Tip: Work With A Local Real Estate Agent Or Property Management Company

Finally, instead of searching for an apartment online or in a local newspaper, call up a real estate agent or property management company in the college town and enlist their assistance. Both can help you find a perfect rental and would be more than happy to assist you. 

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