Things To Hide And Protect When Showing Your Home

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When you sign the contract to list your property for sale with a real estate agency, you can expect showings to begin on your house within just a few days. During these showings, you will have to leave your home and allow real estate agents to enter in with prospective buyers. If you are worried about having strangers in your home, you should take these steps to protect the things you own and your personal information before you start allowing agents to show your home.

Lock up your confidential paperwork

In your home, you probably have a lot of documents and paperwork that have information on them that you would not want others to have. This can include tax returns, social security cards, and bank statements. If you have documents like this in your home, lock them up in a safe or put them in a box and hide it somewhere safe.

Keep your WiFi password-protected

A second thing you should do to protect your home during showings is hide your WiFi password, and always make sure you have a password on your network. If you do not have a password on your WiFi, or if people know your password, they could log onto your network. If this happens, they could pry into your personal information you access on your phones or computers.

Hide all valuable possessions

Another step you should take is to hide anything that is very valuable or important to you. This may include cash, coins, jewelry, anything else that is worth a lot of money, and things that are special to you.

Clean out your medicine cabinet

A lot of real estate agents also recommend cleaning out your medicine cabinet before showings, especially if you have any controlled substances or pain pills of any kind. These are the types of medicines that people steal, and you should never leave them out in your home if you have showings.

Make sure your agent approves all showings

The other safe thing you can do is to always let your real estate agent handle all your showings. In other words, do not show your home to people without your real estate agent being present.

Taking the time to do these things will help you protect your things during showings and may help you feel safer while they are taking place. If you would like to learn more ways to protect your home and valuables, talk to your real estate agent.

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