Three Reasons Why Condominiums Are Such an Attractive Housing Option

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Condominiums seem like something only older individuals and "empty nesters" would invest in and reside within. However, many people, including single people with roommates and families with kids, have found that condominiums are a very attractive housing option. If you want to know why so many people think a condo is a great idea, check out the reasons below. 

No Yardwork

Who has time to mow the lawn, rake leaves, trim hedges, or take care of trees? Retirees, maybe, but people who have jobs with long hours or families with children do not. Nobody enjoys spending an entire weekend working on the lawn and landscape. In a condo, you do not have to. Your condo dues pay for professional landscapers to take care of the yard around your condo. You can spend your weekends doing something else.

No Maintenance or Repairs

Condo owners only have to call a single telephone number for home maintenance and repairs. That line puts them in touch with the president of their homeowners' association. He or she will have a maintenance and repair team on standby. All the condo owners have to do is agree to a time in their schedules when the maintenance/repair team can come to the condo and fix things.  

Lots of Space

Condos are typically open concept, with lots of space to spread out. Families find that the open concept works for them because the bedrooms are the only areas closed off and everywhere else in the condo it is easy to keep an eye on the children. Single people or people who buy the condo but rent out an extra room love that they do not have to list or purchase the condo with roommates, and they have most of the space in a condo to themselves. It is akin to renting a very large apartment that you can redecorate however you like with no monetary punishments. Plus, what you pay every month is going towards buying a home, instead of a rent.

If you are liking the idea of a condo more and more, consult with a real estate agency. There are condos everywhere, and more and more are being built every day. Newer condos are available for sale even before they are fully constructed, which allows you to buy in on the ground floor before the fair market value of the new condos jumps when construction is finally completed. 

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