Packing, Selling, And Moving All At Once: 10 Ways To Make Relocating For A New Job Quick, Successful, And Even Fun

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Relocating as a career move should be a wildly exciting time, with much for you and your family to look forward to. Unfortunately, you have a lot of packing to do first and selling a home isn't going to happen overnight, not to mention the fact that you don't have anywhere to move into yet. While calling the situation crazy may be an understatement, there's much you can do to make the relocating a quick and successful process, even throwing in a little fun along the way.

1. Talk To A Real Estate Agent Right Away

Ultimately, your objective is to reach your new destination and start that fantastic position without a lot of fuss or fanfare, and a real estate agent can help you do just that. Once they've interviewed you and seen the home you're selling, you should be able to focus on moving. While there will be many loose ends to tie up, once the sales process is in the hands of a good agent, your journey can begin.

2. Make Sure You Want The New Position

You're sure you can sell your home and find a way to the new city or town, but are you positive this new position is what you want? Sometimes, people jump at opportunities just because they're offered or come with a considerable pay raise and other perks. Your real estate agent will likely ask you in-depth questions about the changes in your life to help you determine your real goals and prioritize them. No matter how promising the new job is, you're leaving your home, friends, and familiar neighborhood, and that's a major change. You also don't want to delve into the process of selling your home only to decide before closing that maybe you didn't want that new corner office after all.

3. Prep Your Home For Staging

Amid the blur and excitement of getting ready to move onward, your home needs to be prepped for sale. Hiring movers or soliciting friends and family to help you pack up your belongings in a hurry should actually uncomplicate things, although it won't feel like it at the time. The real estate agent should basically have a blank canvas to work with, meaning your home should look as generic and clean as possible. The purpose of staging is to help potential buyers more easily picture themselves in the home; thus, your family's personal touches should disappear.

4. Rent A Storage Unit In Your New Town

Unless you're able to land the perfect home or apartment right away, renting a storage unit to house your furniture and other items is the most hassle-free option. Find one as close to your new area as possible, and make sure it provides the economical long-term options you may need.

5. Arrange For Housing For You And Your Family

Connecting with a real estate agent in your new town could see you finding a replacement home quickly or a temporary place to live while you sort out permanent housing. Ask the agent selling your home what the best course of action is, and they may even be able to hook you up with something or someone directly. Your new base should allow you to live comfortably within your means without tying up a lot of capital that will be needed for a more permanent arrangement. While it's important to settle into a new house quickly, that process shouldn't be rushed, lest you end up in a place that's not really what you or your family want.

6. Decide On An Enticing Price For Your Home

While you want to sell your home quickly, you still want to make as much money as you can on the deal. Find out what comparable homes are priced at in the area and consider other factors of your home, such as any additions or remodeling you've undertaken and luxury amenities like a pool or patio, along with what the general area offers for would-be buyers. For example, if the schools in town are top-notch or the home is near the ocean, the price should reflect such conveniences and desirables. Your agent will help you price to sell without sacrifice, even though you want to close the deal expeditiously. 

7. Invest In Outdoor Aesthetics

Selling your home means selling its look, and the first thing a buyer will see is the landscaping. Since you probably don't have the time to mow, trim, and plant yourself, hiring a landscaper might be best. Your agent will advise you on the improvements that should be made, including things like decorating the entrance way, displaying fragrant potted plants, and installing a new, less personalized mailbox. There's a lot to do, and anything neglected could end up costing you on the final selling price of your home.

8. Update Your Home's Look

If the walls of your home haven't been painted in forever, you should probably take the time to do that now. Appliances and hardware that are dated and worn aren't positive selling features, either, but it's up to you to decide what's worth investing in and what you're willing to take off the sale price. A home in great condition that's obviously been cared for and is in move-in condition will sell for much more than one that's not.

9. Give Your Family Something To Look Forward To

You need your family's support as you venture onward to the new job, so show them your appreciation by making arrangements to do something fun after the move is complete. You could book tickets for a movie or concert or buy season passes to sporting events, museums, or a zoo. Whatever your family is into, see that they get a good healthy dose of it as soon as everyone is unpacked at the new home. Don't forget to do something relaxing and rewarding for yourself, too, as moving and changing jobs happen to be two of the most stressful events that can happen to a person, and you're doing them both at the same time.

10. Trust Your Agent To Sell The House, And Move On

Because you want to dig your heels in at the new position, it's important that you feel free to move, only looking back to sign the important paperwork that finalizes the sale of your home. When everything is planned and executed well, your transition should go smoothly, but it's next to impossible to do that without the help of a hard-working agent. From selling one home to finding another and all the things in between, like inspections, appraisals, and showings, you need someone you can trust working on your behalf so you can focus on your career move.

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